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The retractable harness line in wing foiling is a brilliant invention for relieving arm strain in wing foiling without being bothered by a dangling harness line.

Personally, I found the harness in wing foiling to be beneficial for resting the arms, avoiding tendonitis, sailing upwind, and achieving high speeds for extended periods. However, dealing with dangling leash lines everywhere wasn't the best aspect of wing foiling, so having an additional dangling harness line bothered me quite a bit! That's why I used the harness less often. But then, Laurent Artzner, a fellow wing foiler and engineer, invented and patented a system that solves this problem. Since I often sail at the same spot as his son Paul, he let me try his famous Artness harness line.

It attaches to all wings, soft and rigid handles, wishbones, etc. The concept allows you to hook and unhook from the harness as needed, without being hindered by an extra string dangling when not in use. When hooked, it extends to its limit, with adjustable length as desired. And when unhooked, it retracts along the boom! I provide more details in the video.