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voted best Wingfoil accessory 2023

TotalWing Wingfoil Awards 2023

The battle was extremely close between the two frontrunners, right up to the final minutes.
And by a margin of just 4 votes (16.87%, 266 votes), A3D’s Artness was voted your favorite accessory of the year 2023!
This result comes as no surprise: last year, the Artness was just starting to make a name for itself, and ended up at the foot of the podium.
Over the course of the year, riders have come to appreciate just how much this little accessory changes the way they ride. Indeed, A3D’s Artness is a retractable harness that deploys when you need it, and retracts against the wing when you’re not using it.
No more dangling harness lines to get tangled up in during maneuvers! Try it and you’ll never go back to a traditional harness.
What’s more, many people have recently found it even more useful for attaching their paddle to the wing for deflate downwinder practice!
A V2 has just been released a few weeks ago, offering new improvements: more compact, more ergonomic with shapes that better fit the handles as well as the palm of the hands, but also a polyurethane flexible and a real pulley at the end of the wing for better resistance and durability of the line.
Also, no more knots: a small hook, also with a clamcleat-type system, has been positioned at the end of the bungee cord for easier adjustment. In short, a well-deserved first place!